Lynda Susie Make up & Skin Care Lessons

Make-up LessonsI offer make up and skin care tutorials, which are ideal for weddings abroad or simply for you to learn application skills for your individual make up needs.

You do not need to possess the most expensive make up items to achieve a flawless look, its about using the right products and tools in the right places to bring out your natural beauty.

My lessons involve showing you the right skincare regime, ensuring you are using the correct products for your skin type.  Skin that is nourished, healthy and well looked after, will make your make up look so much more flawless.  With the right products and techniques,  I will help you to achieve the look you are aiming for.

I like to demonstrate my techniques at each stage on half of your face, then guide you to apply the make up on the other half of your face copying the techniques you have learned.

Make up lessons are based on teaching you skills to create a natural, glowing daytime look, but if you have a particular look you are aiming to achieve such as smokey eye or correction make up I can address this to suit you individually.

What is involved:

Lessons involve working with your own make-up kit and advising you on the brushes you are using and colour matching the make-up you are currently applying for suitability. I will supply my full professional kit so we can experiment with new products and colours to find products that suit you individually, so you can easily put the skills and techniques you have learned to practise confidently on your own. 

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Make-up & Skin Care Parties

Why not gather together a few friends for a make up & skin care party.  Bring along your make-up bags and I will advise you on what make up is currently working for you and what needs to be updated.  We will then discuss your skin care routines and I will advise you on what products would work best for your individual skin type.  Lastly I will demonstrate on each of you an area of make up that you would most like to try out,  maybe a smokey eye, or contouring, or even trying that red lip that you would never normally apply!  To help you to apply the make up you desire, I will give you tips and advise on the best way to use your current brushes and give you knowledge of some of the best brushes to buy to achieve this.  For further details please contact me.

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