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 Up Do's for Short Hair

Short hairstyles are fabulous, trendy and edgy, but many people think that once you have short hair you are then limited in how you can wear it.  Short hair can in fact, be very versatile, you just need a bit of imagination and some good hair products to help you achieve the look you desire.


 A classic straight chic bob is always an elegant look


Braids are great to incorporate into a style, with so many different ways to wear them you can instantly change your look.


Curls are another way to vamp up a short style, using a tapered wand to give you a spiral curl or hair straighteners can just give naturally straight hair a bit of body and bounce. 


 Backcombing is sometimes the key to having a great hairstyle, backcombing can give you height, volume and versatility.


Go on, be brave and experiment!